iPhone breaks out from mobile games category

iPhone as a gaming platform is now so important that it gets its own category on one of the world's largest conferences for game development

This week conference held Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco. It is the U.S., if not the world, the largest conference for game developers. Before the main event starts held some smaller events such as GDC Mobile, which deals with all aspects of game development for mobile and handheld devices. This year is no exception to this pattern, which held 18 seminars with titles like "Creating augmented reality experiences on Nintendo DS" and so on. There's even a seminar on how you can port its iPhone games in 2000 than other units. On the other hand, there is not one on game development to the iPhone in the two days GDC Mobile products.

This is because the GDC for the first time assesses the iPhone is as important a platform that does not belong with the other mobile devices, but deserves a category of its own. iPhone has been two days for themselves, which held 16 seminars dealing with everything from how to get hold of the female player, to how to maintain its position on the toplist.

One of the organizers of GDC, Simon Jeffrey, explains that one of the reasons that the iPhone has quickly become very widespread among an extremely broad demographic group. In addition, it is from a developer's perspective, eerily easy to start developing games. Anyone can do it for only $ 99 it cost to become a registered developer. For comparison requires both Nintendo and Microsoft (Windows Mobile 7) that must be approved before one can develop. The result is that the number of game developers for the iPhone is huge. In return, the industry hard, there are many on offer and prices are low. There are no other places where you can buy the same quality cheaper. But we can consumers know only rejoice.

Source: cnet.com


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