Google Apps Marketplace now launched

The time has come and the Google launched "Google Apps Marketplace". This apps marketplace allows the administrators to discover and purchase integrated third party cloud applications and deploy them to their domains. All the applications listed in the Google Apps Marketplace integrate with Google Apps using open protocols. These apps can easily be managed from user's domain control panel and accessed by users through the same links as the Google Apps suite.

Editions included:
Standard, Premier and Education Editions

Languages included:
US English

How to access what's new:
You can visit the Google Apps Marketplace directly at

You can also access it from your administrator control panel by clicking on 'Add more services' to see the option to shop the Marketplace.

To add an application from the Marketplace:
  1. Click "Add it now"
  2. Agree to the vendor's Terms of Service
  3. Grant access to the data that the app is requesting (some apps require data access, some don' only grant access to apps you trust)
  4. Turn it on

For more information:


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