"Avatar" in Danish, Blu-ray and DVD in combi-pack 27th april

James Cameron 'Avatar"Will be launched in the Danish Blu-ray and DVD April 27 - just days after U.S. release.

Filmz have spoken with Marketing Manager Tina Berg from the SF Film, which might reveal that in the upcoming Danish publication will be possible to choose between two versions: a combi-pack with both Blu-ray and DVD and a version with just DVD.

Tina Berg says that the combination package will be available for a minimal extra cost compared to just the DVD version, so it is not a great investment even if you do not yet have a Blu-ray player, but maybe planning to buy one.

She also tells that she has seen the finished product and that it is living up to expectations. "It is very, very impressive," she says to Filmz adding that release really shows what Blu-ray format can.

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