[Blackberry Development] Application User Interface Design Webinar - February 16

One of the best ways to set each application and versimilmente have greater success, is to best to treat the interface.

The way in which an application is presented "visually" in the eyes of the final consumer is definitely the main issue to determine the success of the application, having the application more functional in the world but not delimited is inconvenient to use it as much as you l 'application graphically more beautiful than all but with no content and usability.

Just to help developers (and save the real charts) RIM orgnanizza for the day Tuesday, February 16 a WebNar titled: BlackBerry Application User Interface Design.

Among the salient points that will be covered in the Webinar:

  • colors
  • fonts
  • spacing / padding
  • layout / alignment
  • contrast / gradients
  • images / backgrounds
  • Navigation
  • Shapes
  • transitions / animations
  • presentation and organization of data

To participate in Webinars Tuesday 16 February at 2PM EST (the 20 in Italy) You must register here>>


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