Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

5800 XpressMusic is mobile giant Nokia's first bid for the now very popular mobile phones with touch screen. Nokia is able to kick the legs out from under competitors such as Apple's iPhone, which has long sat on the throne at the top when it comes to touchscreen phones, or 5800 XpressMusic will instead join the ranks of mobiles which first proclaimed the true iPhone-killers, for just shortly after that languish in oblivion gray corner. It gives us a bid on here ...


5800 XpressMusic, which include appeared as a Bat Mobile in Batman - The Dark Knight under the cover name "The Tube", is yet another touchscreen mobile with camera, video capability, GPS navigation and great music features. Although it can not be traced throughout Gotham population movements, the 5800 XpressMusic is still some exciting features.

The 3.2 "touchscreen with a resolution of 360 x 640 pixels and 16 million colors is mildly impressive. Solution and the size of the screen is where the 5800 XpressMusic really shine and color, contrast and light appears all dazzling. The music player is another point where the 5800 XpressMusic delivers the goods with superior style. With a good pair of headphones placed in the convenient 3.5 mm jack is a great quality sound and an advanced equalizer function, there are good opportunities for music enthusiasts can adjust the sound exactly as they want it. Smart Web 2.0 functionality also makes navigation in the browser, text and emails a breeze. "The Tube" can also boast a new operating system, which is an evolution of Nokia's general Symbian operating system. It is felt therefore recognizable, but with a graphical overhaul and a more logical approach through menus. Operating system running easy, fluid and above all fast.


Although the 5800 XpressMusic is nice design, it feels somewhat plastic-like, thick and screaming not so much "quality" such as Nokia's N-Series. The built-in GPS is not quite on par with the field's other top candidates. Photo moiety is perhaps a disappointingly familiar with its only 3.2 Mpixel and lack of flash.


Despite the drawbacks have a superior screen, impressive sound quality and a stable operating system anyway 5800 XpressMusic to appear as a stain and a shot next big seller for Nokia, which it currently 5th space than most popular cell phones on also testify. Is through the ante on par with Apple's iPhone? No, but when you consider that it is Nokia's first interpretation of a touch screen mobile phone, it represents certainly good for the Finnish mobile-wizards future.


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