Windows 7: now available for purchase

Although many of you (including myself) have already had occasion to test and use the new operating system Windows 7, its official launch is set for today.

Directly from Microsoft Store ItalianIn fact, you can now buy the new Microsoft operating system at home. You can choose whether to download an installation file on your PC (either ISO or ZIP) or whether to have it sent to your home.

Very interesting is the presence of a free tool that allows you, automatically and very easy to transfer the ISO file you just downloaded onto a USB stick in order to install Windows 7 on a netbook even without the DVD player.

Just to refresh your memory, here are the main new features of Windows 7, highlighted by Mike Sievert, Director of Microsoft's Windows Client Consumer Italy:

- Taskbar improved permettedi files asprire and explore the faster PC, with the ability to add frequently used applications and to view previews.

- Home Group is a new feature that allows you to connect all the PCs on your home network in just 4 clicks, allowing you to share from that moment all content.

- Photos and Videos: In a suite downloaded from Some features have been incorporated to improve and update their pictures and videos and share them with friends.

- Device Stage is a feature that allows you to manage all devices on one screen in the system: printers, telephones, a projector and so on.

- Shake: Just shake your mouse pointer on the display to close all files and open the desktop. A second movement restores all open files before.

- Windows Touch: new touchscreen display that allows you to manage the video with just his hands are flipping through the screens and, with two fingers, you zoom in and out the details and turn over pictures of 90 °, 180 ° and 270 °

- To Play makes it possible, for example, to start a music file or video and book to make audible or visible to another PC or device anywhere in the appropriate network.

The new operating system will be available in 5 different versions:

Starter Edition (dedicat to netbook)

Home Premium (for private customers)

Professional (for the corporate world)

Enterprise (for large organizations)

Ulim (which includes both the functionality for the consumer world is qwuelle dedicated to the business).

You have already ordered?

I buy?

I'm curious to know what are your impressions on Seven.

I use it for a long time on my pc fixed and I'm really fine. Graphics and performance improved compared to Vista, with superb graphics and ease of use. Basically, I think is the best compromise between the performance of XP and the graphics of Vista. Really a great operating system.

Finally a worthy successor to XP.

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