Nokia N97: enhanced with a new software update

Nokia has launched a new software update 2.0 for the Nokia N97 that adds new functionality and enhances the user experience. The standard version of the software update 2.0 for the Nokia N97 is already available and can be downloaded via PC from the Nokia Software Update ( Follow in the coming weeks, a wide range of versions for different countries and operators. It will also be possible to upgrade over-the-air.

From next week, the Nokia N97 mini will debut in stores and on Nokia Ondine shop. With its details in stainless steel, Nokia N97 mini is designed for style-conscious users and attending social network. The device has an adjustable screen angle 3.2-inch, QWERTY keyboard and fully customizable home screen. The Nokia N97 mini has the same software the Nokia N97 is on sale at 529 euros including VAT.

"In September 2009, we sold over 2 million Nokia N97 and now, in light of the success of the design of this model, introduced the Nokia N97 mini. We also took into account the views of consumers in relation to the performance of the device software 2.0 and updating the Nokia N97 allows us to optimize the device and to add new features and functionality, "said Alessandro Mondini Branzi, General Manager Nokia Italy. "We are also pleased with the initial findings of the public for the Nokia N97 mini, which has very similar characteristics to those of the original Nokia N97 and compact size, ideal for people always on the move.

Below are the new experiences available through the software update 2.0 Free:

  • The 'flip scrolling', which was added to the entire user interface makes it possible to pass very easily in all display modes
  • Shortcuts for custom home screen
  • Ovi Maps 3.1 with 3D maps
  • Nokia Messaging
  • Ovid Contacts
  • Ovi Store
  • VoIP functionality fully integrated into the phone (in the phonebook, the user interface calls, call log, etc.).
  • Several new third-party widgets (MySpace, Friendster, CNN, Elle, Metro News, ESPN)
  • Voice from IU Vlingo

Nokia updating and improving their devices with new features, functions and settings to allow users to get even more from your device even years after purchase. Nokia users can automatically check the new software by the way Menu> Applications> Software Update to start the automatic control, or visit to download the version that suits your needs. Members MyNokia also will also receive a SMS when the local version of the software will be available. You can sign up to


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