What’s new in the Sony PS3 3.0 update?

Sony has finally released the PS3 3.0 Update for Playstation 3 users. This is just in time for the PlayStation 3 Slim 120 GB which was PS 3 3.0 update - Playstation 3 officially released in the US today. Go to System Updates from your XMB to download and install the PS3 3.0 update.

What’s new in the PS3 3.0 update?

Read below to see the list of new features in PS 3 3.0 firmware:
  • XMB has been slightly redesigned
  • The info board has been replaced with “What’s New”. It will come up as first thing when you start up your PS3, and will be updated regularly.
  • The Playstation Store icon has been added in the Games section.
  • There’s a video icon that will take you to the video section of the Playstation Store.
  • There are sparkles bouncing on the background. If you don’t like the new look of the XMB, you can switch to the old classic look in the Theme section.
  • Upper right hand section of the screen has avatar, friend icon and number of friends online, and a piece of mail if you have any messages waiting from any friends on the Playstation Network. Underneath that you have a ticker showing the latest news from the Playstation Network.
  • Ability for developers to create dynamic themes. You’ll see a lot of these coming out in the Playstation Store in the next few months.
  • A tremendous amount of free and premium avatars will be available through the Playstation Store.
  • And more…
If you downloaded and installed the PS3 3.0 update, feel free to share any new features you find in the comments.


shawleigh17 said...

I can no longer stream videos from my computer to the ps3. I was able to last night, then I updated today, and it is telling me that all of my files are corrupt. I tried reloading the media server and rebooting, but neither helped. If anyone knows of any fixes, let me know.

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