SMS and Text Message Monitoring , Storage and Blocking for Blackberry

Get rid of unknown spam messeges and emails? Today I'll tell you one of the best application for your blackberry to block your all unwanted emails and messeges. Text Guard is the solution to your problem, let me tell you first about what is text guard.

TextGuard provides Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Mobile Device Compliance solution provider, helping companies ensure regulatory compliance and operational control. Our solutions enable supervision of electronic communications, electronic discovery, and management of electronically stored information for all mobile devices across all carrier networks.

TextGuard was launched to provide SMS and text message security to BlackBerry and SmartPhone users, to help them keep a backup of their SMS text messages. Users can register on the website and download and install the application easily. TextGuard offers a 30 days free trial period and starts from as low as $11.95 per month, depending on the storage space you utilize to store your data.

So go and get it: Text Guard

Video: SMS and Text Message Monitoring , Storage and Blocking

TextGuard can be used by individuals to backup their cell phone activities, or it can be used by parents to monitor their kids activities and guard them against spam text messages. It can also be used by enterprises to monitor the activities of their employees. Protect your loved ones from mobile message spam and unwanted text messages with TextGuard.


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