Is BlackBerry Bold Gets Visual Voicemail?

Visual Voicemail is an interesting feature for mobile, currently it is available on iPhone but Most of the people thinks that it is only for iPhone. But Visual Voicemail not an iPhone only feature, because a company called Klausner has the patents on it and licenses it to Apple and others. Which is a good thing as Visual Voicemail is a great feature and I would not want to miss it again.

According to BoyGeniusReport reports that AT&T will update the BlackBerry Bold on Tuesday to enable Visual Voicemail on this BlackBerry smartphone. It further says that one would be able to already get AT&T enable the feature before Tuesday.

The Visual Voicemail for BlackBerry is supposed to offer 40 voicemails for up to 14 days storage, Forward voicemails as an MMS and archive voicemails to device memory or on a microSD

I can't wait to have it, do you?


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