BlackBerry 8520 unboxing video

A lucky Walmart shopper scored an early BlackBerry 8520 which is slated for an official release that T-Mobile's newest BlackBerry ahead of the August 5th street date. The main benefit to this new BlackBerry is the removal of the grease trap — aka trackball — in exchange for the first ever BlackBerry trackpad. Don’t be fooled by the looks on this device – you’ll be stepping down to a 2 MP camera which is great if blurry photography is your hobby. That low resolution simply seems quaint in this day of 3.2 MP camera. Watch for this to become a freebie extremely quickly.

Jump on past the break for an unboxing video, and afterwards, feel free to call your nearest five Wally Worlds until you find one ready and willing to take your $48.88 (on contract).


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