Checklist Pro for Blackberry

A real cool handy app to manage your everyday check lists efficiently. All your lists- shopping, travel, grocery, todo, DVDs, classes and much more! Why buy separate programs when checklist does it all?

CheckList Pro is an advanced and powerful application to help you manage day to day activities and tasks. Create any number of category and list items quickly and easily with the intuitive user interface.

CheckList Pro contains all the tools you need to make life and business a lot easier. Checklist Pro is designed to allow you to keep one dimensional lists on any subject and then check off the items with priority status. Three level of priority is given High, Medium and Low with three different colors. Some ideas for its use are: collectibles, book lists, video lists, CD lists, grocery lists, guest lists, to-do lists, etc...GET IT HERE

Key Features are :

1. Simple and Easy to use.

2. Easy data entry.

3. 30+ Predefined categories with icons.

4. Edit and Delete options are provided.

5. View by category is provided.

6. User can delete all entry at any time.

7. Search by item name is provided.

8. Ascending and descending order sorting.

9. All data can be retrieved at any point of time.

10. Three priority level with three different colors.


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