Turphone next to Vopium now available on BlackBerry App World


Truphone saves you money on international calls made from your home country, without changing the way you use your phone. It works alongside your existing domestic service provider, but reduces international call costs to 33 countries around the world.

When you dial an international number we'll ask you if you want to make the call with Truphone. Then we'll route your call over the internet, saving you money. You pay the cost of a local call in your home country plus our incredibly low worldwide rate for the international part of your call.

I want to include that Vopium was the first VoIP application that approaches Blackberry App world and their application is available there for Pearl, Curve and Storm devices. Now the race has started and Truphone took a second place to register their Blackberry clients on Blackberry App store. The cost saving for BlackBerry users is considerable (up to 90%) whether making an international call or sending an SMS. You can download the Vopium application directly from BlackBerry App World™ or check out the setup guide here

It's FREE to download, and we even give you call credit to get you started. For information on the Truphone Partner Program for BlackBerry


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