Time Tracker for Blackberry : Version 2.1
It helps to keep track of time spent on different tasks/ projects and for different clients. Log or record your time in activities,Projects/Tasks etc.

Time Tracker is the most powerful Time Management software for Symbian smartphones. Time Tracker helps your smartphone to keep track of time spent working on different projects and for different clients.
Start and End time for the different projects, with cumulative totals shown at all times. Hour based calculation for easy billing.

Client names and Project names can be edited as required using the settings menu. Stop/end times are logged for each project / task.

Time Tracker makes it easy to accurately track and bill time spent working for clients in hour bases. If you work for multiple clients, or switch from task to task during the day, or your clients demand detailed and accurate billing statements, Time Tracker is for you.

Consultants, Engineers, free-lancers, lawyers and accountants find Time Tracker an essential tool!

Any number of entries can be added with user's choice. Notes are provided separately, which gives more storage for the additional information.

This powerful time tracker will keep tracks more than one client and project at a time, in fact as many as you like.

Professionally and newly designed user-interface that speeds up Data Entry and Easy Viewing.


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