TweetGenius for BlackBerry

BlackBerry users know that stellar Twitter clients have been hard to come by, so whenever a major new release hits the streets, it's something that makes the BlackBerry-carrying Twitter addicts out there -- and there are many of them, rest assured -- sit up and take notice. The latest app is called TweetGenius, and if you've been keeping an eye on our Twitter accounts, you'd know that we've been pretty excited about this app since we first had the opportunity to check it out over a month ago. In that short period of time, it's gone through one hell of a metamorphosis, and it looks like the bar is being raised for future apps -- Twitter and non-Twitter alike -- on the BlackBerry front. Read on for a closer look at what makes this app tick -- and more importantly, to find out whether it'll be replacing your current Twitter client.

Design and Functionality

From the instant you click the TweetGenius icon on your homescreen, it's very apparent that this particular app was created with a heavy emphasis on eye candy. Whereas other third-party app UIs for BlackBerry have frequently been categorized as clunky and not well thought out, TweetGenius is sleek and attractive. The launch screen features three main buttons -- Friends Timeline, Replies, and Direct Messages -- set in front of a cartoon-style city skyline. It's super clean and looks amazing on the Bold's 480 x 320 screen.
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