SlingPlayer Mobile comes to iPhone

SlingPlayer Mobile always seemed like a perfect fit for the iPhone and it’s large display. We have been waiting patiently for it to arrive with it looking less and less likely after rumors of AT&T and/or Apple preventing its release. According to Dave Zatz, SlingPlayer for iPhone is real and is should be up and ready for you to buy (iTunes link) starting tomorrow for $29.99. You will not be able to use it with your AT&T 3G network though as the application is limited to WiFi connections only. Engadget has a post detailing why AT&T won’t allow SlingPlayer to work over its network.

Dave is responding to people’s questions since he has been using the new client on his iPhone for the past month. Sling Media originally stated you would need to upgrade to a newer Slingbox to use this client and that set off a ton of people. Amazingly, they relinquished on this issue and the SlingPlayer Mobile client for the iPhone will work with all Slingbox units. It doesn’t look like the current software lets video fill the entire display, which is a bit of a shame. Read More...


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