LG KC550 Review

Highlights : Familiar functions are all at your fingertips. Just slide open the lens cover and the flash, Image Stabilizer and photo gallery keys will light up ready for use The 5 MP auto focus Camera Certified by Schneider-Kreuznach this 5 megapixel wonder produces ultra-fine picture quality. It also includes Image stabilizer whereby you can take steady pictures even when your heart is racing.

Record all action as it unfolds with precision DVD-quality video encoding, then watch in high-resolution D1 ,Record videos and then simply connect your phone with TV & enjoy them

When you rotate the KC550 from portrait to landscape it will automatically change the contents of its display. You will immediately see the entire width of a photo or video in its proper landscape asp

In ‘M-toy’, phone movements let you toss darts, cast fishing lines or navigate a maze thanks to motion sensor technology

Enjoy the convenience of music on the go.

Handset official name : LG KC550

Alternate name : KC550

Reviews : Gsmarena , Knowyourmobile , Cnet ,

Official website: LG

Content: Mobilerated , Zedge

Accessories: LG

Youtube video :

Mystere Mobile Review Rating: 3.5*

Comment: Not the best 5-megapixel camera phone out there, but it’s not the most expensive either.


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