Gemini to be official BlackBerry Curve 8520

Yayyy, people, it is now confirmed that the Gemini is indeed the yet-to-be-official BlackBerry Curve 8520, that low-end smartphone. But the Curve 8520 being in the lower segment has not deterred RIM from slipping in a few surprises, which could become regular features in any upcoming BlackBerry smartphones. The most glaring of these surprises would of course be the square-shaped optical trackball, which replaces the traditional trackball found on other RIM devices. The edges are now padded with rubber with rubberized keys for better durability. Ignoring the fact that this baby won’t be cruising any 3G waves, we definitely like what RIM has done otherwise. Read on for a complete set of pictures, courtesy of CrackBerry, and feel free to comment!


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