SMS Timer mobile application is very helpful

SMSTimer is an advanced SMS Scheduler application that can handle an individual SMS for 1,600 characters and upto 1,000 SMS at any one point. SMSTimer enables you to send scheduled SMS to one or multiple recipients. This application is tightly integrated with your contact book and native messaging user interface. You have detailed reports from the Sent Items and "real" delivery reports as sent by the network provider.

SMS Timer springs into action every time you send a normal SMS from the messaging application of your phone and inquires if you want to send this SMS now or schedule it for later delivery. There are no limitations on the date, time, or the amount of Scheduled SMS that you can at any time. SMSTimer is infact the world's most advanced SMS Scheduler application as it is tightly integrated with the normal messaging window of your phone and you have access to sent "scheduled" SMS from the Sent Items of your phone.

SMS Timer is not just limited to scheduling SMS, but you also have complete control on the Scheduled SMS. You can edit, delete or re-schedule the SMS at any time by opening the main interface of the application located in Menu > MyOwn/Applications and then clicking on SMS Timer icon. The application can also be enabled/disabled as per your requirements and supports delivery reports, as per your phone settings, in effect, a truly integrated SMS application.

SMS Timer application works on all Series 60 devices and all relevant Series 60 screen sizes.

Main Features:
  • Does not require a separate interface to send SMS. Uses the phones Messaging application.
  • Uses full SMS sending capabilities of the phone
  • Integrated with Sent Item settings
  • Integrated with Delivery Reports
  • Integrated with contact book and groups
  • Support 1,600 characters
  • Small footprint
  • Support all international languages
  • Can schedule 1000s of SMS for one time
It works perfectly fine with E71,E61 and try with S60 and J2ME mobiles. If it works in your mobile please leave a comment below. [source]


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