Nokia E71x coming on 4 May, check out all the E71x guides

The last we heard, the Nokia E71x was coming to AT&T in April or May for $99.99 after rebate and contract. I had a tipster send in some valid looking information that shows a 4 May launch date so let’s go with that for now. I also received several PDF documents for the E71x that should answer just about every question you have about the device before you get it into your hands.

Nokia E71x to launch on 4 May, check out all the E71x guides

PDF documents on the AT&T Nokia E71x:

There is some great information in these documents and I may just have to swing by my AT&T store to pick one of these up. This purchase could also help to support getting more Nokia S60 devices here in the US, right? I am always looking for ways to justify my purchase ;)

I spent some time with the E71x at CTIA and think it should do well when people see it in the store next to all the other forward facing QWERTY devices. The sleek black stainless steel design and performance should bring a few people to the S60 platform. [from Nokia Experts]


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