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About Blackberry:

Developed by Canadian company Research In Motion (RIM), the Blackberry was first introduced in 1999 as a two way pager. By 2002, the Blackberry had transformed into a convergent device. Blackberry became one of the first smart phones available in the world. A Blackberry combines features that support mobile telephone, text messaging, e-mail sending and receiving, web browsing and internet faxing and other wireless information services. A Blackberry is a Public Digital Assistant (PDA) along with telephone capabilities. A Blackberry is characterized by a QWERTY keyboard, and newer models also incorporate Push To Talk (PTT), which work like a two-way radio.

Blackberry offers a certification program that sets the industry standard for levels of skills and knowledge of specific Blackberry products and services. Getting a Blackberry certification will validate your skill and knowledge levels and provide you professional credibility. On the other hand, a Blackberry certification will also set you and your resume apart in the world on mobile devices and applications.

Blackberry Certifications

Blackberry offers a number of certification programs that are focused on different stages of deployment in a Blackberry based on plan and design, managing and monitoring the Blackberry and supporting and troubleshooting any Blackberry device. Blackberry certification is available to everyone, including customers, mobile device technicians and support staff in organizations that use Blackberry.

You can find a complete blackberry certifications preparation online in the form of certification tutorials, selftest engines, practice exams etc. This can be your single source for all relevant information you will require for clearing your Blackberry exams. You will have access to Blackberry training tools to hone your Blackberry skills and a Blackberry study guide to enhance your Blackberry knowledge. Your entire blackberry certifications preparation will be taken care of at Exams Experts along with providing you with a number of practice exams to give you the feel for the actual Blackberry certification exam.

So, what are you waiting for? If you want a successful career in the industry of mobile device and application, a Blackberry certification will set you apart and increase your chances of success. Check out the Certifications or black berry exam like BCP-410 practice exam tab to find out which Blackberry certification is best suited for you.

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