WinMo developers will pay $99 to upgrade apps

Developers upgrading their applications through the Windows Mobile Marketplace may be out $99 for the chance. There are more than a few policies are coming to light.

Costs suggested the inclusion of $99 to register with the program. Then, $99 per application submitted. This is subsidized a touch by those registering this year, getting their first five app submissions free. Charges may also apply if the developers release minor updates after seven days from an applications release.

Microsoft stated:

The cost to upgrade a previously submitted application will be $99. However, developers are able to update a previously certified application for 7 days from the time the application was originally published, free of charge. An update may include resolving any bugs with the application or providing minor updates. Applications being updated do not need to be recertified.

One thought on the process is that the cost means developers will ensure their application is perfect prior to actual submission (thus not spending any money too early in the process). Fixing bugs is then encouraged to be done as quickly as possible. It also means (hypothetically) that quality applications will be released. Revenue generation through the Marketplace are quite good, so people, get developing…

[via CNET]


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