Stylish Hand Sets by LG

A couple of new LG mobile handsets come to light today, the LG GD330 and the LG GB125, and there aren’t that many details available on these two at the moment, but here’s what we do have…

The LG GD330 is a slider which should hit on March 25th with a 2.2 megapixel camera, FM radio and a couple of touch keys. The LG GD330 should command a price of approximately $200 but no word on which markets it will be hitting.

As for the LG GB125 is an entry level clamshell handset with a 1.5 inch display, FM radio and features a 950mAh battery. The LG GB125 is a basic handset and even lacks an external screen, and will probably go to emerging markets with a price tag of about $65.00. [Via]


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