Pandora has just released their radio app for the BlackBerry

Pandora has just released their radio app for the BlackBerry. Straight from your BlackBerry, you can create a new channel, start a quickmix, and play music. There is also a status bar at the bottom of the application with the thumbs up and down button. The app is free but is ad supported and seems to work on Verizon and AT&T only right now. You can download the app by visiting from your BlackBerry. Via

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Pandora BlackBerry App Launches, Doesn’t Work on Storm

Downsides are a-plenty, however: no Storm support and no love for T-Mobile (NYSE: DT) users. On top of that Pandora, like long-time long-time BlackBerry mobile music service, Slacker, doesn’t have the licensing to work outside of the United States, and for that reason alone, I’ll stick with nuTsie. Still, if you’d like to get your mobile music groove on for free, hit up on your mobile browser and get downloading.


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