Google introduces voice search BlackBerry app

Geeze, it was just a year ago at CTIA when Yahoo! launched their oneSearch voice activated application. It was not only a useful tool, but something I played with for a while like a game. “Can it understand me now?” Google is usually ahead of the game, but they’re a year behind on this one. They’ve released a voice search application which is now available for BlackBerry. Yes, it’s exactly the same as their normal search app except now you can hold down the Send button and speak your query.

Google’s voice search app features a My Location feature, which allows you to speak your location into your search. They provide a number of example of the usefulness of this feature on their blog, which consist mainly of words which we can pronounce but not spell.

Unfortunately there is no support for the Storm at this time. That should change in due time, though. We’ve seen a number of apps recently which at first weren’t Storm-compatible but which quickly caught up. The app is available at for the rest of us. [source]


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