Vopium expands global footprint to offer cheap international calls across the world

Expands service and launches Vopium Sync

Barcelona, Mobile World Congress, 16 February, 2009 Vopium, the company that drives down the cost of international mobile phone calls, today celebrates its rapid expansion having recently launched across Europe, the USA and Australia. Vopium’s free application is now available for download on over 500 handsets enabling users to make cheap, high quality international calls. Compatible with all operating systems including Java, RIM, Windows Mobile and iPhone, Vopium can save mobile users up to 90% on international phone calls.

Consolidating its position as a leader in global communication, Vopium also today announces that it is the world’s first mobile VoIP provider to offer mobile backup - a free service which allows Vopium customers to store their address book contacts and calendar securely online. Integrated with the Vopium application, Vopium Sync backs up a user’s contacts and calendar direct to their online Vopium account. If a user loses their phone, all they need to do is log on to their Vopium account and retrieve their saved contacts and calendar items. They can also log into their online account at any time and edit contacts and calendar items.

“Vopium’s rapid expansion reflects our desire to be the leading provider of global communication. As part of this commitment we are pleased and proud to be the first mobile VoIP service to offer a back-up solution.” said Tanveer Sharif, CEO of Vopium. “We know quite how important and irreplaceable the contacts we store on our phone are and that’s why we’ve launched Vopium Sync. Combined with the traditional free and heavily discounted calls, Vopium truly offers a 360 degree communications package to every mobile user across the world.”

Vopium is a free software program that uses mobile VoIP and Wi-Fi technology to reduce the cost of international phone calls on mobile whilst also maintaining excellent call quality. Free and easy to download, Vopium integrates directly with the address book on the phone, automatically re-routing all international calls via the least expensive method available. In addition to heavily discounted international calls, Vopium users can also slash the costs of sending text messages (SMS) abroad as each message only costs 0.1EUR. Vopium users are also able to make free and heavily discounted calls using Vopium Wi-Fi. Automatically detecting if a user is connected to Wi-Fi, Vopium Wi-Fi users can call other Vopium Wi-Fi users for free anywhere in the world. If a Vopium Wi-Fi user calls a non-Vopium Wi-Fi user, they only have to pay the reduced international Vopium rate.

About Vopium:

Vopium is a carrier-grade mobile telephony service designed to offer affordable and reliable international calls from any mobile handset. By using the Vopium application on their mobile to make calls from their home country, consumers and businesses alike can save up to 90% on international mobile and land-line calls. Unlike more restrictive mobile VoIP solutions, Vopium supports hundreds of handsets across Java, Symbian, RIM, Windows Mobile and iPhone. Vopium uses intelligent routing and connection technology which automatically and seamlessly delivers the lowest cost connection for any international call. To learn more, visit www.vopium.com

For more information, please contact:

Elena Dunn, Becca Daniel or Sam Tring
Mi liberty Ltd
P: +44 20 7751 4444
E: vopium@miliberty.com


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