Sura Yaseen for windows mobile/ Smartphone

A great package consisting of Yaseen surah in 3 forms:

1) Original surah written in Arabic alphabet,

2) Original surah written in user’s alphabet,

3) Translation of the surah.


It is a 36th surah of the Holy Quran in order. Surah Yasin “The Muhammad (peace be upon him” was revealed in Mecca, Arabia on Muhammad (peace be upon him) the last Prophet and Messenger of God (Allah) Almighty .The surah has taken its title from verse 1. In this surah the word Yasin has been addressed for Messenger and Rasool Muhammad (peace be upon him) of Allah Almighty , at that time the inhabitant of Mecca, Arabia were asking Muhammad (peace be upon him) for the proof that he is a true messenger of God Almighty and in reply Allah Almighty asked Muhammad (peace be upon him) that tell these people that my message (Quran) is witness on this that i am the Messenger and Rasool of God Almighty so read and ponder into Quran and you will reach on to reality that I am the Nabi & Rasool of Allah Almighty . The total numbers of verse in this surah are 83. Read More…Yaseen


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