make a face Phone Call on windows mobile

Tap your friends face and make a Phone Cal…Now only one tap is needed to make the phone call you want. Choose the photos of all your friends, copy to My Photos directory, associate a phone number to each of them, and use all on Today Screen to make phone calls.

GET IT HERE: MyPhoneShortcuts : Version 1.2


* Create shortcuts on your Today Screen to easily access Phone calls.
* Apply any image you want to your shortcut, including photos!
* Add Fingertip taps to your Today Screen
* Make a phone call with only one tap
* Manage several configurations from 1 to 42 shortcuts each
* Manage your images layout on yourToday Screen
* Save and restore configurations
* Find “How to …” on the Help tool

Read More…MyPhoneShortcuts : Version 1.2


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