Windows Mobile gets Pandora streaming music service

People demand music that’s perfect for where they are, what they’re doing, and even who they are, and they want a constant stream of it. Hence the popularity of Pandora, a web service that streams a seemingly-infinite supply of music tailored to your exact preferences. The iPhone version of Pandora was one of the most popular free apps in Apple’s App Store this year, but if you own a Windows Mobile phone you unfortunately have had to miss out on this chance for self-expression while out and about.

No longer! The first version of Pandora for Windows Mobile devices has arrived. Except, it only works on the HTC Touch and the Motorola Q9C so far. If one of those is your phone, great! Direct your phone’s web browser to to install the app. If not, patience; now that Pandora has taken these first steps, other Windows Mobile phones — maybe even just about all of them — are sure to follow. While you’re waiting, we have a video of the application in action below. Enjoy. Read More...


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