Resco Explorer 2008 for PocketPC

The WINNER of the PocketPC Magazine Awards. Res co Explorer for Pocket PC has an advanced File Explorer can compress files with build-in ZIP, encrypt files, view registry, view text and image files…

Resco Explorer 2008 for PocketPC Resco Explorer 2008 for PocketPC

GET IT HERE: Resco Explorer 2008 for PocketPC : Version 7.05

The ever popular file manager once again brings something new with the 2008 version, including the following functions:

Browsing Full Touch Optimization
Navigate through your files easily using your finger

Slideshow Letter Bar Navigation
Features the letter preview of the files you would like to access
Browsing Virtual Folders For All Documents
Very useful when looking for files of the same type
Browsing Quick Search Function
Instantly search for files you need by typing in the starting letters

Other features:

Browsing The Registry Editor
It allows you to export, import, view or modify the registry keys

Slideshow ZIP Compression
simplest and cheapest way to save significant amounts of storage space
Browsing The FTP Explorer
gives the possibility to browse the FTP server’s content directly in your device
Browsing The Network Browser
Simply map the shared network folders
Browsing Today Plugin
Launch your favorite applications and documents with a single tap
Browsing Recycle Bin
moves deleted files into a virtual folder “Recycle Bin” instead of immediate deletion

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