Galaxy Gate - A gripping puzzle game

A gripping puzzle game with a nice graphic and unique gameplay. + Free levels editor!

Here on more than 30 levels the player can test his logic and frustrate the plans of space terrorists those are graduated by the level of complexity from simple ones to those which can be passed only by a smart and attentive player. You, as a future graduate of the Customs Academy, should be proud of having the honor to do practical work at one of the biggest freight-transport stations. Unfortunately, as the special services have reported, now intergalactic terrorists have decided to sabotage the work on the station through undermining the freight docks.

GET IT HERE: Galaxy Gate : Version 1.0

But we are on the alert, only yesterday we were supplied with a lot of etheric scanners for examination the freight. But alas! our operator from the 13th dock committed a mistaken while examination. And with your own eyes you saw his remains being washed from the floor. So, you will occupy his place for the period of practice work. If you were sleeping in the lecture where they were explaining how the etheric detector?s constructed, I?ll tell you: the beam that runs through illegal freight is reflected aside in specific color. It?s yellow, if there are explosives, and it?s red, green or dark blue, if there?s smuggling. You should mark explosives with flags, our sappers will demine them, and you should also confiscate contraband, and a premium is fixed for it. But remember, the time you have to make the examination in is limited. Yes, one thing more. Sure, you can open all containers one after another, but if you open a container without an illegal freight, you?ll be imposed a penalty. Not heavy, but not so that nice to pay. + All registered users will have the Galaxy Gate Levels Editor! Read More… Galaxy Gate : Version 1.0


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