IMAGiNET Pocket - Holy Quran for Mobile

Holy Quran program on Pocket PCs with two kinds of Tafseer and English translation

The world's first Holy Quran program on Pocket PC devices. The software comes with Arabic-Latin soft keyboard. Download IMAGiNET Pocket Quran

The Pocket Quran has the following features:

  • High quality display with "Othmanic" typeset.
  • A multilingual interface Arabic and English are included.
  • Convenient horizontal, and vertical Quran display.
  • Tafseer Al Jalalin and Al-Muyassar.
  • A searchable English translation for the meanings.

  • Advanced search capabilities, including search for all "word root" derivatives, and word highlight.

  • Audio Quran recitations, with full synchronization with Quran text display (Only sample audio files are included). You will use the included desktop Audio Manager to download the audio files. Read More IMAGiNET Pocket Quran


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