Britannica World Religions Islam for Smartphones

Learn about Islam and its history.
Get the entire Britannica World Religions Handheld Edition (more than 3,400 records, including Islam, plus 330 images) for only $19.95!

Complete coverage of Islam.

The Britannica World Religions Islam Handheld Edition contains 273 authoritative entries that entail a variety of topics, including religious movements, concepts, historical and legendary figures, divinities, spiritual characters and important religious locations. Download Britannica World Religions Islam Smartphone

The Database includes:

  • Islam
    • Beliefs & Practices
    • History
    • Islamic Law
    • Literature
    • Mysticism
    • Sacred Places
    • Theology & Philosophy
Key Features include:
  • Full-color Cover Page
  • 273 entries & 8 graphics
  • Storage Card Compatibility
  • Keyword Search - allows for multiple entry searches
  • Adjustable font sizes and styles
  • ClearType - uses Microsoft's® ClearType® technology for easier reading
  • Cross Reference Links - tap on a link to see a related subject without leaving the entry you are viewing
Britannica World Religions Islam Handheld Edition is the perfect resource for those wanting to learn their religious heritage or for those who are just curious about Islam. Get a copy for yourself today! Read More Britannica World Religions Islam Smartphone


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