Best Islamic Applications for your Mobile

Here are some really useful and powerful islamic mobile guide application. which guide you to some of Muslims duties and other about islam. today i gather these applications for my all Muslims brothers. I hope this help you in your daily life and give you a compelet knowledge.

IMAGiNET Pocket Quran
The world’s first Holy Quran program on Pocket PC devices. The software comes with Arabic-Latin soft keyboard.The Pocket Quran has the following features:. REad More IMAGiNET Pocket Quran

Learning Salah

Salah is a kind of worship which has fundamental rules and routines. Learning salah with illustrations and explainations. Read More Learning Salah

Quran Meaning

The world’s first Holy Quran program on Windows Mobile. The software comes with Arabic-Latin soft keyboard. Read Mroe Quran Meaning


The Tasbeeh I Application allow you to do the Tasbeeh, Ziker, and/or Astaghfar on your PocketPC Device either by Tapping on the word or automatically . Read More Tasbeeh


A great package consisting of Yaseen surah in 3 forms: 1) Original surah written in Arabic alphabet, 2) Original surah written in user’s alphabet, 3) Translation of the surah. Read More Yaseen

Quran English

For those who are interested its a colorful and accurate translation of the holy book. Indexation is complete and search/ find feature is fully operational. Read More Quran English

Hajj Guide

See multimedia content of the Hajj and Umrah journeys. Choose from a huge selection of supplications and prayers. Watch presentations of the most famous Islamic . Read More Hajj Guide

40 Hadiths

Hadith Qudsi is used to read the collection of 40 Hadith Qudsi on the Mobile phone. Search any word in the Hadith Qudsi. Read More 40 Hadiths

Islamic Glossary

This application provides an overall view of Islamic terms and definitions. It is not intended to represent any one particular branch of the Islamic faith. Read More Islamic Glossary

The Holy Qur’an

The Holy Qur’an (English Translation) is the sacred book of Muslims, the Holy Qur’an is the foundation of Islam and the final authority on Muslim life. Read More The Holy Qur’an


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