Adobe: Premier Pro's success is due to Apple

Apple is the reason that Premier Pro has grown by 45 percent. Mac version of Premier Pro has experienced a growth of 22 percent over the same period last if one gathers Windows and Mac versions. Looking at the Mac version of Premier Pro is the suite has grown by 45 percent compared to 2010.

The reason for this is, according to Adobe, that many Final Cut users switched to Premier Pro.

"Demand for Adobe's video content creation tools Kill exploded, Growing 22 percent year-over-year with 45 percent growth on the Mac, fueled by the large number of Apple Final Cut Pro kunder switching to Adobe Premiere Pro," said Adobe in a press release , which is released in connection with the IBC exhibition.

Thus, there is so much as suggest that many users are tired of Apple's Final Cut Pro X. However, it is not from Adobe's press release is possible to see how much of Adobe's success as real because Apple, given the lack of sales from both Adobe and Apple.


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