Small Business Web shopping cart software: 7 reasons the host is better

Why should you pay for a remotely hosted shopping cart for your small business website, rather than simply install a free open source shopping cart on your site?

There are many reasons:

1) focus. Your business is selling stuff, not installing and managing a complicated script. You have enough problems to run a business that you will not be able to outsource to another way you can with a shopping cart script.

2) price. Paid hosted shopping cart software's price is inconsequential: $ 10 - $ 100/month. If it is a significant expense for your business, you have to look into improving your profits.

3) support. Although support for "paid" business software is included in the cheap price, support for "free" business software is pretty expensive. Open Source and other free software comes without any support except forums for do-it-yourself-ing to exchange ideas. So you'll end up paying someone to install and maintain. Or you do it yourself, which costs as much time it is more expensive than paying someone if your time is worth something.

4) installation. When buying hosted software on a subscription, installation is already done and support is included. When you have a problem and have you ever had any software you do not have a problem with at least once?-You do not have to pay a developer $ 150/hour to make it go away.

5) safety. Security issues are taken care of for you, as provider-no patching software.

6) speed. Hosted online shopping carts really work now out of the box. You simply enter your inventory and go. Open Source shopping carts come with lots of customization options that will take you hours just to decide you do not need most of them.

7) peace of mind. The cart is jugular vein of an online business. If something makes your blood stops flowing, however, less reason, you will feel it quickly. If you are the one who has to make sure blood is flowing, or if you have to rely on the availability of a freelance programmer, you will not get the soundest sleep. Let a specialist do the worrying for you, 24 hours a day.

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