Angry Bird passes 10 million sold apps

Angry Bird has remained number one in the App Store almost constancy in 11 months. Sales figure has now passed 10 million copies.

It tremendously popular iPhone game Angry Birds have now passed 10 million copies sold in the App Store. It is nearly a year since the game came out, and with few exceptions, it has been number 1 in the App Store ever since. It is impressive, and sales show no signs of slowing down - rather, it is steadily increasing. This must be added to Angry Birds Halloween has sold 1 million copies in 14 days.

It is just as impressive to the average rating in the App Store is 5 out of 5 stars with more than 315,000 ratings in the U.S. App Store.

Angry Birds' success has naturally led to a large number of apps in the App Store that all attempts to spin a little gold on the success. Thus, there are countless guides or walkthroughs, and they can capture just a few percent of Angry Birds-customers so they will score box.


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