Get your free iPhone locked up by 3 [Danish Users Only]

Mobile company 3 remove at a stroke the mandatory 6-month simlås of mobile phones purchased through the company. It writes 3 on their website.

This also applies to iPhones. The only thing to do is to visit 3's site and enter the iPhone's IMEI number. This number will find under Settings -> General -> About.

3 sends the message to Apple's activation server and when there is in place after a few hours, you must connect iPhone to iTunes and sync. 3 writes that one must insert a SIM card from another company before you sync, but my experience is that it is not necessary. But of course it is somewhat easier to check if unlocks actually happened, if there are any other sim card in iPhone.

Why 3 suddenly removes simlåsen from their phones or whether they will continue to sell them without simlås, reports nothing about the story, but I have contacted 3 for further details. So far it has cost 500 kr to get his phone unlocked during the vesting period.

1. Update

3 has still not replied to my request, but it seems that 3 have chosen to lock up people's phones, because its network has gone down due to a proposed update of the network. This gives their customers the opportunity to use their phone with another company. It means so probably also know that 3's offer is temporary. Therefore, it is about to strike now before the opportunity is gone again.

2. Update

I've talked with different people, and there are indications that the possibility of free unlocking in 3 are not from today, but actually from the 12th October. This means either that 3 is already the 12th showed that there could be problems with their networks today, and therefore would be slightly ahead of the situation. Or that the two things have nothing to do with each other. But why have 3 so devious offer unlocking out the back door without informing their clients via mail? Is it because 3 not really want their customers take advantage of the offer, but that by offering what may then say that they have done all they could to help customers? The case seems a bit speget and it does not help it, it is still impossible to get a comment from the third

You found 3's service here. Note that it may be difficult to get through to 3 right now.


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