Free BlackBerry Software, VersaTool suite in beta applications for RIM BlackBerry handhelds

Versatile Monkey We can confirm that it released its latest beta application called VersaTool for RIM BlackBerry handhelds, which contains a number of very useful program all gathered into a single suite. Applications collected within VersaTool are new and are gathered in one application can be very convenient and easy to use from the earliest times.

Read the rest of the article with the link for download this free application still in beta.

Once started VersaTool we will be greeted by a veritable suite where all the applications that appear at present provides for this beta.

In the intentions of the developer there is a real opportunity to increase the applications included in VersaTool and thus who would participate in developing it may make suggestions with what to add the icon with the symbol "+" or post bug reports in the icon with the symbol " ?

But we see an orderly applications currently included in VersaTool:

  • Alarms: ability to create Audible alarms using tones already included in the RIM BlackBerry handheld, but with the ability to program in time
  • Canned Responses: ability to create predefined phrases - Template - for use as an automatic response to messages we receive
  • Auto Reply: auto-replies using a PIN / SMS / Email predetermined phrases created Canned Responses
  • Home Screen Bookmarks: add bookmarks and many other tasks on the desktop of the RIM BlackBerry handheld
  • Popup Menus: menu creation for common tasks such as email or web searches and then assign them to the side buttons for direct access
  • Really Convenient Key: possibility to assign to the Hot keys the launch of some applications with pressures of multiple keys
  • Run On Start: possibility to start in execution at startup applications in the very moment when we start the RIM BlackBerry Handheld
  • Run On Schedule: possible to start 'sscheduled execution a program at a fixed time
  • Take A Picture: possibility to make a Photos with the handheld keypad lock (only for firmware 5.0)
  • Tip Calculator: Calculate tip in relation to the income paid to the restaurant or the pub
  • Unit Conversion: Universal Converter measures, weights and volumes
  • Weather: The Weather in 5 days with its temperature as screenshots below for the city of Milan

Although VersaTool is still in beta offers all these functions into a single suite with truly useful programs and utilities and out of the norm.

Versatool is available in beta for RIM BlackBerry handhelds with firmware 4.3 and later with download OTA by pointing your BlackBerry browser to this address


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