Windows 7: Is it worth the money?

On 22 October Microsoft officially launched Windows 7To take over after the maligned Windows Vista.

But it has been possible to try betas of the new operating system since early 2009.

One of the major changes in Windows 7 is desktopWho has a new makeup. The taskbar has grown, and it is possible to attach icons to it. Open web pages and folders appear as thumbnails when the cursor zipping over icons.

Network layer is improved - particularly with Home GroupsAnd operating system now supports DLNAWhich can cause your computer to talk with your flat screen in the living room - if your TV is a newer model.

Here the editors have our meeting with Windows 7 was a relatively pleasant experience -- read the review here.

But what is your experience with Windows 7? Living up to your expectations and do you think it is worth the money?

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