The new BlackBerry 8520 in stunning white or purple

The Blackberry RIM's Curve 8520, marketed by various operators Telephony Mobilebecomes more attractive and dressed in white and a delicate color purple, Which is bound to win even the most demanding women. Equipped with the operating system Blackberry OS 4.6, the new smartphone offers a wide opportunity to get in touch with whoever you want, through Messages e-mail, SMS, MMS and also through social networkAs Facebook.

The QWERTY keyboard allows you to connect quad-band GSM and Wi-Fi is integrated processor has a speed of 512 MHz and the RAM is 256 MB. In lieu of the trackball, the new model has an innovative trackpad that responds to the touch and eliminates the problems of accumulation of dust that the old "ball" sometimes arise.

The memory supplied is 2 GB, but is expandable up to 16 GB and 32 GB in the future fin and camera is 2 mpx. Lacking, however, integrated GPS, which is useful to have NavigatorAnd the application maps, even if present, is a bit 'limited by lack of GPS.


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