Blackberry and Thunderbird can talk

I have already said that it is possible to exploit the possibility of synchronizing your BlackBerry without having to install, for me, annoying BlackBerry Desktop Manager and using the open-source Funambol. In the test I had done I had confined myself to try the Funambol client for Outlook deferring to another time proof of Funambol client for Thunderbird.

"The other date is reached and, finally decommissioned Outlook on my desktop after I learned to appreciate all the great features of Thunderbird, I experimented with the synchronization of the BlackBerry, a success, despite being shown to be a component still experimental.

Add-ons for synchronizing the BlackBerry (the date of this article is available the version 0.9.1) is installed as all the extra component of Mozilla with a simple file. xpi. After installation you will find the new entry in the Tools menu that allows you to access the "classic" control panel Funambol already known in the version for Outlook.

You'll notice that compared to the version for Outlook not available synchronization of elements of type Notes which however are not manageable by Thunderbird. For items like Contacts data is synchronized with the elements of the book (if you can create a column dedicated) while for Calendar and Task data is synchronized with information from Lightning.

In my configuration data features are: Mozilla Thunderbird and Lightning 0.9. it connected to my backend Scalix via iCal.

In the menu Tools -> Options Mozilla are easy and intuitive configuration panel of the component in which we could specify the credentials to connect to the Funambol server, and what are the parameters to synchronize with contacts and calendar, scheduler synchronizations and earnings viewer Logs of activities.

Synchronization is as simple as fast: Outlook for approval in respect dell'indubbio enjoys the advantage of not having access to items MAPI which makes the synchronization task a shot. Unico neo, however, not attributable to this fantastic component, is the fact that in my setup with iCal to Scalix does not support the elements of type Activity. Never mind anyway because I usually only serve as contacts and calendar.

Obviously on your BlackBerry you will not have to do anything more than what I already described in the previous article.

It 'worth noting that Thunderbird has a feature that automatically inserts all email addresses in your address book used at least once: in this respect, it should configure Thunderbird so that these Addresses collected are collected in a special section separate to avoid being the BlackBerry address book filled with dozens and dozens of addresses that are not frequently used.

In conclusion, the usual recommendation: Make sure your BlackBerry is paired with a data plan otherwise you will pay for each connection a lot of money.

Another point in favor of open.


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