Apple iPod Touch 64 GB

What was mentioned most as the new iPod Touch was launched, was not what it could. That's it, it could not. All were expecting an iPod Touch with a camera (including the undersigned), so it was something of an anticlimax, since Stevie-boy threw a largely unchanged Touch out of the sleeve. Broadly, I write, because there had been things in the slender color screen.

Like the iPhone, iPod Touch 3GS been considerably faster, thanks to a new processor and a new graphics chip. Applications and games fly over the slender screen. Touch has also gotten more memory - this top model has the entire 64 gigabyte.

Apple suggests itself that Touch'en is a fantastic games console. That is it. Although still lacking the killer games that make Touch platform unique. But iPod Touch is much more than a console. It is a complete Internet-connected mini-computer with email, Youtube, browsing, music and video player. In the media functionality is not released Touch'en, even comes close. Add to that the 70,000 applications in the App Store ...

Should I look for rotten apples in the basket, it's battery life and built-in voice control (retrieved from iPhone 3GS), mostly a gimmick. But it does not change the iPod Touch is a terrific gadget to your pocket. [via]


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