Lock/Unlock your car with iPhone/iPod Touch

Lock/Unlock your car with iPhone/iPod Touch become very easy. You must have thought of your iPhone tied with your car locking and unlocking with a cool application from app store app store . iPhone application are bombarded to iPhone users but still we see few very good iPhone applications which are meant for autos like iPhone GPS directions, traffic, roadside assistance and games.

However this one is cool , Apple iPhone Zipcar’s app is the first to control the operation of a car. There are a lot of upper-end vehicles on the market that offer “keyless” ways to start an engine, using radio signals.

Zipcar operates mostly in big urban areas, in 13 major cities and 120 university campuses. Members pay a $50 annual fee plus around $7 an hour to rent a car for a few hours, including gas and insurance.


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