Top 10 Best iPhone Apps for Sports Fans + iTunes Links

As football season kicks off and baseball season wraps up, now's a good time to check out some of the great new sports apps for the iPhone and other mobile devices.

1. ESPN Scorecenter:

ESPN's free ScoreCenter app is free, accessible, and popular: Some 2.7 million people have downloaded it since it launched in June.

It lets you follow whichever sports you'd like, and puts your favorite teams on top. But serious fans might want something more sophisticated. (iTunes Link)

2. Sportacular Free and Pro:

More sophisticated than ESPN's Scorecenter app, Sportacular includes more options and information, including customized, real-time "push" notifications.

The company behind Sportacular, Citzen Sports, is co-founded by Jeff Ma, one of the members of the famous MIT Blackjack team. (iTunes links: Free - Pro ($1.99))

3. Yahoo! Fantasy Football:

Monitor and control your Yahoo! Fantasy Football team from the iPhone or iPod touch.

ESPN also offers an app for its Fantasy Football league. (iTunes Link)

4. Madden 2010:

The best football game for the iPhone, Madden 2010 offers a miniaturized version of the game you've known on game consoles for years.

We've already wasted hours of time playing this game, and especially like how it takes advantage of the iPhone's touch screen. Our only complaint: It's too easy. (iTunes Link ($9.99))

5. DirecTV SuperFan:

DirecTV offers live football video for the iPhone via this new app. Note: The app is free, but the service is very expensive: You must be a DirecTV subscriber, pay $300 for NFL Sunday Ticket, and another $100 for the SuperFan service. But if you're doing that already, the iPhone app is a no-brainer add-on.

This app is also available for the Palm Pre and select BlackBerry and Windows Mobile devices. (iTunes Link)

6. CBS Sports: College:

CBS is streaming some live college games -- one football and basketball game per week -- to the iPhone via its new CBS Sports: College app.

Video streams over 3G and wi-fi. (iTunes Link)

7. MLB At Bat:

The best live sports app of them all is still Major League Baseball's At Bat for the iPhone, which keeps getting better as the baseball playoffs approach.

This year, the league added live game radio and video feeds to the app, and recently allowed users to purchase live streams for individual games for $0.99 each. The league also offers a BlackBerry app. (iTunes Links: Full, $9.99 - Lite, Free)

8. ESPN Radio:

ESPN's new radio app offers live streams from more than 15 ESPN Radio stations across the country, including live college football broadcasts. (iTunes Link ($2.99))

9. ESPN Zoom Deluxe:

The same "photo hunt" game you're used to playing at a sports bar, but on your iPhone. From ESPN and EpicTilt. (iTunes Link ($2.99))

10. NFL App for Sprint:

Sprint customers -- no iPhone, but Palm Pre and BlackBerry -- can access an exclusive Sprint NFL app, which includes live video streaming of the NFL Network, plus live radio streams of NFL games.

Sprint tells us that more than 1.5 million subscribers have downloaded it.(Sprint Link)

Thanks to BusinessInsider


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