Push Virus Hits iPhone


Steve jobs was not kidding when he said iPhone 3.0 would blow your mind. He has kept up his word, and the push technology (not a Virus in the literal sense) has kicked off with AIM on the iPhone. The push technology is very simple. It is quick and light application that constantly updates your status as well as your friend’s status on the AIM and other push enabled apps.

Push technology is amazing. The reduction in battery life due to the use of messaging applications such as Yahoo! Messenger, Gtalk , AiM , Twitter etc were weighing down iPhone against its competitors. Push technology has no background process; hence the battery is not drained. In fact, it makes iPhone to receive and send notifications even when it is idling. The alerts can be classified in to three kinds: badges, text alerts and audio alerts. Text alerts looks like SMS messages, Audio alerts play sound and Badges look likes applications.

App developers are adding push notifications to their apps like a wild chicken race. Games add push notifications to allow real-time invitations to a competitive match. Messaging services are scrambling to make their apps pushable. AIM, for example, became one of the first pushable messaging apps. Other great messaging apps that currently features push notifications include ebuddy, IM+ 3.0, BejeeveIM, and fring. Note that ebuddy and fring integrate all major messaging platforms together, and they are free for download! Even news apps like AP News are adding push notifications even though some say their “breaking news” are 45 minutes late.

On the iPhone push notifications is the future. We will see many apps that uses this feature in innovative ways to make our daily lives more productive and fun. See you in the future!


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