How to do marketing with Twitter and Facebook?

Well since you buttered me up with the "can't wait for the wisdom in your replies" remark,

I guess I'll share what works well for me here so you can adapt it to what you're doing and be successful
when you implement it also.

Here goes:

1.You can get a 'feed' to integrate your twitter account with your facebook account.

This means when you send a "tweet" it will also appear as an "update" on your facebook profile page simultaneously.

If you want to really kick it all into high gear,

do these 2 steps which will make getting automated traffic from those social networks
and even the search engines part of your daily routine by just doing what you do anyway.

If you have an account as an expert author with ezine articles,

2.Add your twitter username and password to your author's profile so each new article you publish there
will automatically be tweeted to your twitter page.

Since you've already integrated it with facebook, it will also
appear with your clickable link on facebook too.

Now here's the second step.

From within your aweber autoresonder account,

3.Tick the "tweet this" checkbox each time
you send out a broadcast to your list.

What this does is tweet your email message out
as a link to your aweber account.

Guess what?

It's also going to facebook too!

This is a great way to get more traffic from twitter, facebook, ezine articles and the search engines
simultaneously with very little effort on your part.

Each of these steps takes no more than a couple of minutes to just fill out a field
and you're in business.

To your success!


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