Another entrant joins mobile VoIP app market

WCell International, a Hong Kong-based VoIP calling platform for mobile devices, announced its application is now available for download on a variety of mobile operating systems. The application currently is compatible with BlackBerry, Java, Windows Mobile and Symbian, among others, and it is pending approval by Apple for listing in the iPhone App Store.

WCell, which has been bootstrapped with investment from its founders, said it can offer comparable or better voice call quality than its many competitors in the mobile VoIP applications world, while simultaneously delivering cost savings against leaders such as Skype. It said it will attempt to differentiate from the likes of Skype, fring, Nimbuzz and Truphone by targeting retail handset sales. The company aims to have 10 million paying customers of the service by November, and it will have to rapidly expand and compete with all the other entrants in the space if it to reach its goal.


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