Kevin Bacon Robbed of his Blackberry

On Thursday morning Kevin Bacon kicked off his Sunday shoes when a man grabbed his Blackberry from him at a New York City subway station and took off running. Kevin chased after the dude, but he lost sight of him in the crowd and the thief got away.

I sure hope Kevin has insurance for that Blackberry. Mr. Bacon is used to people stealing from him and he’s probably getting upset about it. The Ponzi-schemer extraordinaire, Bernie Madoff, took Mr. Bacon Bits and his wife, Kyra Sedgwick, for millions of dollars. Actors are generally regarded as being the smartest people in the world (just ask them) so it was hard to believe that he was able to fool the couple.

Kenny Loggins could not be reached for comment. It is unknown whether or not Kenny owns a Blackberry


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