Water Resistant Digital Camera


Sometimes when me and my family go swimming on the beach, i’m kinda confused how to capture that precious moments with my digital camera or video cameras. Thank God GE has released water resistant digital camera, now i don’t have to worry again to bring my digital camera into the beach !

Advanced GE G3WP water-resistant digital camera released. With a new century to come, digital camera seems to be a standard device many people are pleased to use. Designed by General Imaging, GE G3WP was introduced as its first water-resistant digital camera. New compact digital camera with high level water resistance allows diving up to 10 feet depth. The G3WP comes with a 4x optical zoom, 12-megapixel resolution sensor, 2.7 inch TFT liquid-crystal display able to adjust brightness. New GE G3WP also features ISO 3200 sensitivity along with image stabilization making pictures more clear.

With a 9.99 price tag, it looks to be affordable product for those looking for a compact digital camera with advanced features. There are some advanced user-friendly detection systems such as auto scene, blink, face and smile detection. Panoramic pictures are possible due to panorama mode while in-camera red-eye removal avoids red eyes appearance. [source]
Other features include:

Internal Memory: 116 MB, SD/SDHC Card (with maximum capacity of 8G)

AF Method: Single AF, Multi-AF (TTL 9-point)

AF Assist Light (On/Off)
Output Jacks: USB cable 2.0/AV-OUT
LCD Size: 2.7 inch TFT color LCD (234,000 pixels)
Focal Length: 6.75mm (Wide) and 27.0mm (Tele)
Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery DS5370, 3.7V 700mAh
Battery Charger
F Number: f/3.5 (Wide) - f/5.15 (Tele)
Weight: 4.2 oz
Dimensions: 3.7 inch Width x 2.4 inch Height x 0.9 inch Depth


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